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What is Frontier High School at Ben Barber?

Frontier High School at the Ben Barber Innovative Academy is a state-of-the-art, innovative, high school campus that focuses on post high school graduation preparatory programs. Students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, industry-recognized certificate, professional licensure, and college hours.
Frontier High School provides Mansfield juniors and seniors an opportunity to be full-time students in a unique high school setting. Students have a close, personal relationship with teachers, counselors, and administrators. Our major focus is preparing students for college and career readiness. Classroom activities are project-based, emphasizing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Frontier provides students with leadership training and responsibilities through service in our community, as well as internship opportunities in students’ specific fields of interest. Students who graduate from Frontier High School do so equipped to take on the many challenges of our rapidly-changing world with the skills they cultivate through our programs.

Frontier FAQs

Frontier Brochure (PDF)  •  2019-20 Application (PDF)  •  Mission/Vision Statement (PDF)

Do students from the other MISD high schools have access to courses at Ben Barber Innovation Academy?

Yes, students from the traditional high schools will still be able to take classes at Ben Barber but will graduate from their home campuses.

Who is eligible to apply for admission to Frontier High School?

All students from Legacy, Mansfield, Timberview, Summit and Lake Ridge who are currently sophomores and will be juniors during the following school year are eligible to apply to Frontier High School.

Students must also meet ALL of the following requirements in order to qualify to admittance:

  • Have an 80 or higher grade average,
  • Earn all freshman and sophomore core credits and
  • Met all standards on EOC exams.

How do I apply to Frontier High School?

Download and complete the 2019-20 Application (PDF). Once your application is complete, either mail, fax, email or drop it off at FHS with the receptionist.

What happens once I am selected into Frontier High School?

Students who have met all requirements will be sent a letter of acceptance and will then meet with an FHS counselor to work on a schedule. 

Is transportation provided both to Frontier High School and Ben Barber Innovative Academy?

Yes, transportation is provided by the MISD Transportation Department. Exact bus stops and times are determined by transportation after all students have declared their intent to attend Frontier High School. Some programs do require that students provide their own transportation. (i.e. Internships, Community Service, etc.)

Will students at the Frontier High School be able to take AP and/or online courses?

Yes, students will be able to take AP courses, dual enrollment courses and online courses.

Can I take Dual Credit courses at Frontier High School?

Yes, dual credit is an option for students who want to earn college credit while still in high school.

Is there a cost associated with Frontier High School/Ben Barber Innovative Academy?

No, there is no tuition fee associated with Frontier High School/Ben Barber Career Tech Academy with the exception of students who choose to take Dual Credit courses.

Are Frontier High School students really given first priority into upper-level BBIA courses?

Yes, Frontier High School students have first priority over home campus students in upper-level BBIA courses.

What is the TCC TREC Program?


The Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus program (TREC) provides Frontier High School health science students an opportunity to earn 42 dual credit college hours and a certification. Incoming MISD juniors must meet requirements and complete an application to be considered. Students attend their dual credit courses on the Trinity River East Campus. Transportation is provided.  More information is available on the FHS Counseling Center page.

TREC Brochure (pdf) • TREC Application (pdf)

What is a Senior Project?

Frontier High School seniors are required to complete a senior project, portfolio, job shadowing/internship experience and defend their project to a professional panel as a part of graduation requirements. Students are assigned mentor teachers who guide them through this process.

FHS school colors, mascot, mission, values, vision, and goals

  • Frontier High School opened in 2010.
  • Our colors are purple, black and white.
  • Our mascot is Trailblazers.
  • Our mission is empowering students to be global leaders.
  • Our vision is to be an innovative platform that empowers students to achieve success through the use of emerging technologies and 21st Century skills.
  • Our values reflect our commitment to relationships, leadership, problem-solving, emerging technology, and staff development.
  • Our goals are 1) to actively created an environment that encourages both interdisciplinary cooperation and communication, 2) to nurture our staff, students, and public to embrace and accept the philosophy that "failure is not an option," and 3) to encourage all students, faculty, and the community to support the educational and career technology goals of BBIA/FHS.

Reasons to choose Frontier High School

  • Small school environment with big school opportunities
  • Project based learning with innovative, hands-on instruction.
  • Opportunity to earn college credit hours through dual credit courses.
  • Students choose program of study consistent with their career interests.
  • Students guaranteed placement in highly competitive courses with their career interests.
  • Smaller class sizes with individualized instruction.
  • Culminating senior project that includes job shadowing/internships and professional portfolio.
  • Each student is provided a personal laptop.